West Norfolk youngsters maintain winning streak

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West Norfolk U15 Boys Rugby continued their impressive winning streak in a captivating match against Bury Rugby Club.The enthralling encounter is likely to be remembered as the highlight of the season.Under the radiant sun at North Wootton, both teams took to the pitch, setting the stage for an exhilarating showdown.The game began with action as both sides assessed each other’s strengths and weaknesses.Bury Rugby Club struck first, securing a hard-earned try through sheer determination, albeit failing to convert. However, West Norfolk swiftly countered in what can only be described as a rampage of skill and power, dominating the remaining first half with a flurry of well-executed tries concluding the half with a commanding 31-5 lead.Testament to the heart of Bury’s boys, they refused to concede defeat and hit back with an equally devastating rampage of their own, clawing back the deficit with a series of superb tries. As the clock wound down, West Norfolk found themselves trailing by a slim margin of 31-34, facing the possibility of a heartbreaking defeat.Summoning their last reserves of energy and resolve, the West Norfolk boys launched a final assault in the dying moments of the game. With discipline and determination, they managed to breach Bury’s defence and secure the winning try, clinching a hard-fought victory with a final score of 38-34, leaving both players and spectators exhausted but exhilarated.Reflecting on the match, it was unanimously agreed that both teams deserved commendation for their outstanding performance in a game of two halves. While the outcome favoured West Norfolk, the spirit of the contest and the high level of skill displayed by both sides were acknowledged as the true winners.Indeed, the coaches from both teams emphasised that rugby itself emerged victorious, with the match played in a fantastic spirit and showcasing significant talent on both sides.Following the intense battle, around 40 boys from both teams gathered to share a meal, celebrating an unforgettable game that will be etched in their memories for years to come.The title of Man of the Match was awarded to West Norfolk’s scrum-half, Tom Lloyd, for an exceptional performance throughout the game

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