Woman ‘wants to go home’ after four months in Travelodge room

A woman who has been living in a single hotel room since December has told the Lynn News about the detrimental impact its had on her wellbeing.

It comes after 77-year-old Beryl Nunn’s Freebridge house in Stoke Ferry was flooded last year.

Mrs Nunn described how during the flood she had lost a lot of her possessions such as clothing and personal items.

Beryl Nunn has been living in Lynn's Travelodge since December 16
Beryl Nunn has been living in Lynn’s Travelodge since December 16

When the flood happened, Mrs Nunn was in hospital having dialysis.She said: “My granddaughter rang me and told me I had a flood.

“They (Freebridge) didn’t do anything until the end of January.”

She recalled visiting her property since the flood and seeing a lot of black mould.

Mrs Nunn said: “They took the keys away from me and said it was unsafe to go in there.

“There were no ceilings, radiators were out and you couldn’t go in the spare bedroom.”

Mrs Nunn has been staying in Lynn’s Travelodge hotel since the flood and has expressed her wish to go back home.

She continued: “I’m 77, I don’t need this now. They’ve got to do something.”

“I just want to get back home. It crazes you. You only have a bed, a kettle and a television, that’s it.”

A Freebridge spokesman said: “We appreciate how distressing it must be for Mrs Nunn to have had to move out of her home as a result of burst pipes causing damage during the freezing weather in December.

“We also understand that she didn’t want to take up our offer of alternative accommodation in a bungalow while the extensive works were being done, preferring instead to stay in a hotel.

“We are now working hard to complete the repairs to her home in preparation for welcoming her back at the end of April, which was always our aim.”