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Woman known for ‘causing issues’ stole Hello Fresh parcel before biting police officer

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A 36-year-old who was spotted stealing a food delivery later clung to the legs of a table and bit a police officer.Jessica Makhakhe, of Anthony Nolan Road in Fairstead, appeared at Lynn Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, where she was sentenced in relation to the offences.In a previous hearing, she admitted stealing a Hello Fresh parcel and assaulting an emergency worker.

Makhakhe appeared at Lynn Magistrates’ Court on Thursday

Prosecutor Amir Khan explained that the offences took place on January 28, when the victim whose parcel was stolen was travelling home from a weekend away and was notified that her parcel had been delivered.The food parcel – worth £25 – was left by the front door, but it had been taken by somebody before a neighbour had the chance to take it in for her.A neighbour had witnessed Makhakhe take the parcel “without hesitation” and recognised her from previously “causing issues in the area”. Nearby CCTV footage showed Makhakhe walking away with the parcel.Police attended her home address to arrest her for the theft, but had to force entry as she would not answer the door. Items from the Hello Fresh box were found inside Makhakhe’s fridge.“She was not willing to leave the address,” Mr Khan said.While officers were trying to arrest her, she wrapped her legs around the living room table and bit one of the officers on the arm. Makhakhe had previously committed a total of 20 theft offences.In mitigation, Alison Muir said that Makhakhe has “severe mental health issues” but is seeking help from CGL (Change, Grow, Live).“She is trying to put the worse parts of her life behind her,” the solicitor said.Ms Muir argued that a community order with a mental health treatment requirement would benefit the defendant. “She does rely on agencies to help her. She wants to keep away from drugs and trouble,” the solicitor added.Makhakhe was handed an 18-month community order and will complete a mental health treatment programme.She was also ordered to pay £25 in compensation to the victim to cover the costs of the Hello Fresh parcel. Makhakhe will also pay a fine of £10 and a victim surcharge of £89.

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