Woman kicked police officer’s knee after home visit

A woman caused “some pain” to a policeman’s knee after kicking him when they came to her home address.

Sophie Maynard, 30, of Raby Avenue in Lynn, appeared in the town’s magistrates’ court on Thursday, where she admitted to the offence of assault by beating an emergency worker.

This followed an incident which occured on January 19, where police were called to Maynard’s home address due to an “unrelated incident.”

Maynard appeared in Lynn’s Magistrates’ Court on Thursday
Maynard appeared in Lynn’s Magistrates’ Court on Thursday

Officers found Maynard to be “highly intoxicated” and she was instructed to get into a police van.

Maynard refused to get into the van and was “visibly upset” about the situation.

She then kicked the back of the officer’s legs and caused “some pain” to his knee.

She was subsequently arrested for assaulting an emergency worker.

She said to the officer: “You know why I hit you, it’s because you lied to me.”

Maynard said in her police interview that she cannot remember what happened because she was too drunk.

Maynard had no previous convictions and one police caution on her record.

“Well, it’s a pity it’s happened to this lady of good character,” said duty solicitor George Sorrell.

He explained that Maynard is a single mother who does not normally drink alcohol.

“Unfortunately something happened so she did have a drink,” said Mr Sorrell.

He added that police felt like the best way to deal with the “unrelated incident” was to take Maynard into police custody.

“She was very upset by that stage. She was not only intoxicated, but in a state of panic,” Mr Sorrell said.

“She realises that in her condition, others will show concern about her children. There is no doubt that the defendant is a good mother.”

Maynard was ordered to pay a fine of £200 and £50 in compensation to the police officer.

She was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £80 and court costs of £50.