Woman caught with cannabis denies having sex in town park

A woman who admitted having cannabis in The Walks also denied having sex in the park.

Jaideenna Graham, 24, appeared at Lynn Magistrates’ Court on Thursday via a video link from HMP Peterborough.

Graham is currently in prison for a separate offence.

Graham has denied having sex in The Walks in Lynn
Graham has denied having sex in The Walks in Lynn

She admitted having the Class B drug in her possession on July 29 at The Walks.

Prosecutor Emma Pocknell said that Graham told police that she smoked it to help her anxiety.

Graham also pleaded not guilty to committing an act outraging public decency which is also said to have taken place at The Walks.

“A member of the public reported that the defendant was having sex in the park,” said Ms Pocknell.

Graham, previously of Vicarage Lane in Long Sutton, was given one day of detention for having cannabis.

She will go to trial at Norwich Crown Court on October 5 for the offence of having sex in a public place.