Woman caught carrying five kitchen knives in public

A court heard how a woman who was found carrying a set of kitchen knives was struggling with her mental health.

Charnelle Naughton, 33, of St Faith’s Drive, Gaywood, pleaded guilty to five counts of possessing a knife in a public place, one for each knife she was carrying.

She appeared at Lynn’s Magistrates’ Court on Thursday where the case was outlined by prosecutor Nicola Lamb who said that on December 14, Naughton was seen returning to her home address and was thought to be drunk.

Charnelle Naughton appeared at Lynn's Magistrates' Court on Thursday
Charnelle Naughton appeared at Lynn’s Magistrates’ Court on Thursday

Naughton was crying on arrival and was speaking to a person in the property when a knife fell out of her bag.

Ms Lamb said: “She went out with that bag, she was seen on CCTV in the town centre holding the bag.”

Her solicitor Richard Mann told the magistrates that Naughton has “complex mental health issues” and recommended that his client has an appointment with the court’s probation team.

Magistrates decided to adjourn the case until June 14 so that she could meet with probation services.

Naughton has been released on unconditional bail.