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What happens to letters posted in box at crematorium?

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‘Postboxes to heaven’ have been springing up in cemeteries across the country after an idea from a grieving six-year-old girl from Nottingham became a national phenomenon.Several have been installed at sites across the county, including at the Cromer crematorium and more recently the Mintlyn Crematorium in Lynn.But have you ever wondered what happens to the letters posted by loved ones? And are they ever read by someone?

Councillor Bal Anota with senior members of the crematorium and cemetery team at the Mintlyn Crematorium

Details received following a Freedom of Information Request to West Norfolk Council have revealed what happens to the letters received at Mintlyn Crematorium.The council says “At no points are the letters read” and the postbox is carefully monitored to ensure it is only accessed by the Crematorium Management team.Letters are removed on a quarterly basis and placed together in a sealed box. After this, they are cremated on their own at the start of the day.The Postbox to Heaven idea was started by Matilda Handy, who lives near Nottingham, who suggested the heartwarming idea while looking for a way to express her emotions after her grandparents passed away.

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