Wet weather fails to dampen spirits of King’s Lynn Soccer Club players

King’s Lynn Soccer Club played host to Redgate Nursery in the wet weather, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of both teams.

Danny Lincoln, of Redgate, was pleased to be able to give the little ones a kickabout, and thanked KLSC for getting the venue and getting the game on.

Peter Crome, KLSC president, explained the King’s Lynn Soccer School is a great way for children boys and girls to get involved in football.

King's Lynn Soccer Club youngsters
King’s Lynn Soccer Club youngsters

“Every season we recruit to the club from there. We look on track to be able to offer two teams u7 football next season, which is great given there is so more on offer to little ones.”

“Today was a really good day for the players of both teams, the parents were amazing and it was really good to hear the positively, encouragement and praise being offered to all the little ones,” remarked chairman Philip Yates.

Yates thanks Discount Tyres for their generous partnership over the past three seasons.

KLSC U10 Lionesses before their very first game against Terrington
KLSC U10 Lionesses before their very first game against Terrington

Meanwhile, KLSC U10 Lionesses had their very first game against Terrington.

Whilst the game itself was one-sided, the girls were brilliant. They never gave up and battled to the end managing to even score a goal from Esmae.

Coaches Stephanie Bignall and David Dewberry explained it was really good to see the girls actually play their first match and all smiling throughout the whole game.

Club chairman Yates revealed that the club had been running the FA Wildcat sessions until recently.

“We were amazed at the turnout with Wildcats as we have managed to get enough to run teams in different age groups,” he said.

“It’d be good to see more clubs like ours trying to raise the profile of the girls game by getting teams in their clubs.”