‘Wait and see what I do when I come back for you,’ said man who couldn’t return tracksuit to shop

“Wait and see what I do when I come back for you” were the words of a man who couldn’t return a tracksuit to a shop in Lynn.

Shane Eagle, 42, of North Everard Street in Lynn appeared in the town’s magistrates’ court where he admitted to using threatening words to cause alarm or distress as well as later assaulting two police officers.

It follows an incident on May 6 when Eagle entered the shop Designs on New Conduit Street in Lynn wanting to return a tracksuit.

Eagle threatened a shop works in Designs in Lynn
Eagle threatened a shop works in Designs in Lynn

The shop worker refused the return and said that Eagle was drunk.

Service was denied to Eagle and he was asked to leave the store.

Eagle threatened to smash the shop window and said to the worker: “Wait and see what I do when I come back for you.”

The incident was reported and Eagle was later arrested at a different location.

During the arrest, Eagle reportedly caused one officer to graze his knuckles and spat at another.

Eagle has a total of 83 previous convictions for 161 offences.

However, his solicitor Ruth Johnson told the magistrates that Eagle wants to break the cycle of offending and being sent to prison.

Eagle was released from prison last month.

Ms Johnson said: “Mr Eagle is not in the best health, I have concerns for his physical and mental wellbeing.

“He’s recently been hospitalised with blisters and is struggling to walk, but he’s still shown up to court.

“He’s told me that it’s easier for him to go back to prison, that way he gets three meals a day and provides him with stable accomodation for a few weeks.”

John O’Grady from the probation service team reported that Eagle has started to respond to their services.

Mr O’Grady said: “He’s started to engage quite well, he’s fed up with going in and out of prison.”

Magistrates gave Eagle an 18 month community order and ordered him to pay a victim surcharge fee of £114.

He will also receive six months alcohol rehabilitation treatment and six months mental health treatment.