Truss says shell lead economists to increase growth

Truss says she\'ll lead economists to increase growth

Liz Truss is set to launch a new taskforce of economists aimed at finding solutions to sluggish growth in the West.

The new Growth Commission, which will be launched later this month, has been convened by Ms Truss as an independent body to help tackle the causes of low growth.

First reported by The Telegraph, the commission will be chaired by economist and deputy chair of the Centre for Economics and Business Research Douglas McWilliams.

He said that the new body would consider how the West can break out of a “stagnation loop”.

“We need to change the economic conversation now for the future of our advanced democracies,” he said.

Growth was the dominant pre-occupation for Ms Truss during her bid to become Tory leader and subsequent short-lived spell in No 10.

Ms Truss railed against the “anti-growth coalition”, as she and her chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng sought to use the mini-budget to boost growth in the British economy.

The new commission will reportedly launch on July 12.

It currently has a single-page website, with the words: “Coming Soon.”

Shanker Singham, international trade policy expert whose proposals in the years after the EU referendum saw him dubbed the “Brexiteers’ brain”, will also join the new body.

Published: by Radio NewsHub