Trio in court charged with assaulting police officers while drunk

Three people appeared in court together after being involved in a confrontation with police officers after a night out in King’s Lynn.

The three were Jade Palmer, 31, of John Bends Way, Parson Drove, Luke Bodimeade, 29, of no fixed address, and Dylan Sharman, 27, of Swan Garden, Parson Drove, who were in Lynn’s Magistrates Court on Thursday.

Palmer pleaded guilty to a total of six offences, four being assault of an emergency worker, one being drunk and disorderly and another being criminal damage under the value of £5,000.

The three of them appeared at King's Lynn Magistrates' Court
The three of them appeared at King’s Lynn Magistrates’ Court

Bodimeade admitted to one offence of assaulting an emergency worker and another of being drunk and disorderly.

Sharman also admitted the same two offences as Bodimeade.

It follows an incident in the early hours of Sunday, January 29 where the group left Dr Thirsty’s nightclub where they were seen walking down the road leaning on each other.

Prosecutor Denise Holland told the court that police officers reported that there was an “element of disorderly behaviour” and police advised them to leave the area.

“The party then became argumentative and Palmer was verbally abusive towards officers,” said Ms Holland.

The court was told Bodimeade then pushed another officer.

Palmer was then described as “rushing towards” officers, grabbing one by the neck. She was then restrained but pushed a police officer in the chest.

She was taken to the floor while other officers dealt with Sharman, who was held back by another officer. He was then said to have elbowed the officer and tried to get away.

Officers described Palmer to be “verbally abusive and threatening”, spitting and saying: “My hand is going to meet your face.”

The three of them were arrested and taken into police custody, where Palmer kicked a PC officer in the legs before being put into a cell.

It was in the cell where she caused criminal damage by “digging her nails into the cell walls and mattress”.

In their police interviews, the three of them said that their memory was patchy from the night.

Both men were described as being of previous good character, but Palmer has a record of battery and criminal damage from 2019.

Their solicitor Alison Muir said that both Bodimeade and Sharman wanted to get Palmer some medical attention after she had fell and hit her head and that they all had been drinking significantly.

“Mr Sharman accepts that he carelessly put his arm out,” said Ms Muir.

“In relation to both of the men, they are more concerned about Ms Palmer.

“They both learned the hard way, they don’t go out that often.”

In relation to Palmer, Ms Muir described her as a “lady who doesn’t normally drink who is intelligent” and is taking a two-year psychology course at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

Ms Muir explained that Palmer plans never to drink again.

A probation report was carried out on Palmer where alternative punishment options were discussed.

Palmer was given a 12-month conditional discharge along with an 120-day alcohol abstinence order, meaning an alcohol tag will be fitted to her ankle.

She was also given 25-day rehabilitation activity requirement (RAR) days and ordered to pay £100 each to the four police officers she assaulted.

Bodimeade was fined £200 with an added victim surcharge fee of £80 and ordered to pay £100 in compensation to the police officer that he assaulted.

Sharman was given the same punishment as Bodimeade.

  • A previous version of this article stated that Luke Bodimeade and Jade Palmer were in a relationship and lived at the same address, but that was inaccurate. It also said that Palmer had punched an officer, but this was also inaccurate. We apologise for these errors.