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Town’s cat cafe is worth a visit if you’re a fan of felines

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Cat cafes are popular go-to destinations in many cities, but did you know we now have one on our doorstep?Purrr Cafe, located on Purfleet Street, is home to several felines and offers an opportunity for guests to enjoy a drink and a bite to eat in the company of a variety of cats.The cafe opened in December and is open weekdays – apart from Tuesdays – from 10am-2pm. It is also open Fridays 10am-2pm then later from 4-6pm and Saturdays from 10am-7pm.So, what can you expect when visiting a cat cafe? Lynn News Reporter Lucy Carter went along with her friend to try it out…As an animal lover, I was delighted to hear that a cat cafe was coming to Lynn. Looking at Purrr Cafe’s Instagram page beforehand, I was excited to meet some of the beautiful cats.Me and my friend Elise went along to the cafe on Saturday afternoon eager to meet some of the furry friends in residence.

Monty the Maine Coon
Boots posing before having a nap

We booked before going along and it was rather busy with lots of families and couples enjoying spending time with the cats.We were told that a total of seven cats were in the Purrr Cafe on the day – it seems as though they take turns in having a day there.Upon entering, we were greeted by friendly members of staff who showed us to our table in a cosy corner near a huge climbing post fitted with cat beds.It was reassuring to see a double-door system to ensure that no cats could get out as well as a list of rules to ensure the comfort and safety of the animals.

Choupette was very soft and cuddly

On the menu was a variety of hot and cold drinks from coffees to milkshakes as well as a lot of good options for children.They also offer plenty of light bites to tuck into including cakes, desserts, loaded chips and more.Me and Elise both opted for a coconut flat white which was delicious and cost £3 each.

I ordered a delicious coconut flat white

Now time to talk about the stars of the show, the cats. Out of the seven in the cafe at the time, we interacted with about four felines who were playful, inquisitive and adorable.We first met Boots, a Maine Coon who got his name because of his adorable white paws. He came out of his shelter to play with some of the toys on display before going back to bed and posing for the camera.Then there was Monty, a huge and incredibly soft Maine Coon who might be the biggest cat I’ve ever seen. He was lively and was walking around greeting almost every table and was the star of the show. He even came and walked across our table just before we left.

Boots enjoying the variety of cat toys at Purrr Cafe

Ginger British shorthair Choupette was a sweetie who was tucked in asleep for most of the visit but eventually came out to say hello and have a fuss – she was a real sweetie.And her sister Celine also made an appearance. It was her first time in the cafe for the five-month-old.As a huge Taylor Swift fan, I was excited to hear that one of the cats was named after the famous singer. Taylor was in the building but was in her “antisocial era” and stayed on her podium minding her own business.

Purrr Cafe is located on Purfleet Street in Lynn.

Tickets to enter Purrr Cafe are priced at £5 an hour per adult, which I think is very reasonable after visiting other city cat cafes which were more on the pricier side.It is also worth noting that the cafe is very clean.This is a fun experience – why not pop in when you’re in town?

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