Town is losing its identity, says letter writer

Here are the Lynn News letters from Friday, September 8, 2023…

Lynn is losing its identity

I am a Londoner by birth but have lived in King’s Lynn for 60 years.

It’s so sad to see how the town has lost its identity. To be honest, it’s a mess, dirty and smelly.

Building work started, not completed. Property standing empty and derelict. The old buildings which include the Post Office just left.

The loss of the market places only to have one use for outside eating and some car parking.

What has prompted me to contact Lynn News? The possible loss of the library. It’s a disgrace to move it to the place suggested.

The building will most likely be made into accommodation. Coming into Lynn via South Gates the library was a joy to see.

The proposed development of South Gates and the completion of Hillington Square, will lead to the loss of King’s Lynn’s identity.

Carol Drapper

via email

So was the next day one of inaction?

Judging by the horrific tally of lawbreakers caught last Wednesday in Downham by the police ‘day of action’ can I assume Downham is West Norfolk’s version of the infamous Wild West town of Dodge City or were we just having a very ‘bad day’?

Some 115 speeders and 40 vehicles were stopped with offences ranging from overloaded HGVs, unsecured loads, MOT, tax and insurance breaches as well as drug drivers and immigration issues and five people were arrested.

Now, is this a snapshot of a standard typical day representing a clearly lawless and obviously unruly populace or was it (as I said) just a bad day?

I think many of us in the area will read this report and conclude that, whatever our Chief Constable might say, we are not well-served by Norfolk Constabulary if Wednesday’s horrific list of arrests, speeders and general traffic lawbreakers and drug drivers represents a typical Downham day?

Frankly, I’d assume once the ‘day of action’ was concluded Downham police returned to work on Thursday to a typical ‘day of inaction’ because I suspect they already know the Wednesday score would have been repeated on Thursday if they had the manpower to do it again.

It’s clear people have begun to increasingly feel like they’ll ‘get away’ with breaking the law as demonstrated by the sheer number of incidents which come to light when the police have a special day to uphold the law.

We already know about their pitifully dismal crime conviction rates and this ‘day of action’ suggests they’re no better on the highways.

Would the Chief Constable care to comment?

Steve Mackinder


What has race or sex got to do with a heart operation?

The National Health Service and Queen Elizabeth Hospital feature frequently in the Lynn News and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. News is emerging that the NHS pays diversity officers up to £75,000 a year. No wonder patients are not being treated.

Waiting lists are escalating towards eight million, health services are crumbling and thousands live in pain or die early or unnecessarily due to medical constraints.

Yet our NHS bosses are dogmatic that the only way to save services is by having more meaningless sociology-decreed non-entities in posts. It was slope shouldering by managers which enabled Lucy Letby to hold on to her job for so long, when in all probability she would have swiftly been dismissed if she misgendered… misguided.

What has race or sexual orientation got to do with a heart bypass operation?

A definition of equality, not found in the manual, is that no one regardless of class, colour or creed relishes an early death, especially when £75,000 would pay the wages of two or three nurses.

I will continue to heap praise on the frontline medics at QEH and Norwich & Norfolk Hospitals from experience. It is not their fault what goes on behind closed doors putting up barriers for them.

I will finish by referring to the soundbite ‘Cancel’ from a politically incorrect perspective. Isn’t it time these woke posts were disestablished?

David Fleming