‘She didn’t want to be a drug addict or an alcoholic,’ said solicitor of shoplifter

A court heard how a woman was influenced by her partne to steal bottles of vodka and whiskey from a supermarket.

Julie Hanks, 34, appeared at Lynn’s Magistrates’ Court on Thursday and admitted shoplifting to the value of £40.50.

Prosecutor Colette Harper outlined to the magistrates’ that on March 23, Hanks was in Sainsbury’s on the Hardwick Estate in Lynn and was seen with a man.

Sainsbury's at Hardwick, King's Lynn.
Sainsbury’s at Hardwick, King’s Lynn.

The man was seen on CCTV putting bottles of alcohol in Hanks’ bag.

Mitigating was George Sorrell, who said: “Her problem in life is relationships. Every one has been totally unsuitable and they have inflicted violence.

“She’s largely dependant on drugs and alcohol.

“This gentleman she was with was her partner at the time. He encouraged her to steal.

“He’s gone and found someone new thank goodness. She realises that it’s better in life to have no partner.

“She didn’t want to be a drug addict or an alcoholic.”

Mr Sorrell explained that Hanks is staying at Lynn’s Night Shelter and has registered to get permanent accomodation in Lynn.

Magistrates, led by William Hush, gave Hanks an 18 month conditional discharge and ordered her to pay £20.25 in compensation to Sainsbury’s.

She was also ordered to pay court costs of £50 and a victim surcharge fee £26.