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School helps bring splash of colour to town park

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Youngsters from a Lynn primary school are helping make the town’s main park even more colourful.Greyfriars pupils from classes 6-7 decided earlier in the year that they would like to add a bit of colour to The Walks by planting a bed of sunflowers, with the added aim of seeing which pupil’s sunflower grew the highest.With the assistance of park staff who prepared the dedicated flower beds, complete with wire fencing to give the plants support, they set about preparing the pots and seeds for planting.

Greyfriars pupils from year 6-7, with deputy headteacher Janet Moyle, centre, and teaching assistant Maria Gabriel, right.

Under the direction of teaching assistant Maria Gabriel and with the active backing of deputy headteacher Janet Moyle, the pupils made up their named pots and planted the seeds, tending them each day until they were ready for planting outdoors.With the plants ready to go outdoors, the recent sunny weather proved the perfect opportunity for planting and with the help of the staff and parks staff who were on hand for the watering, a selected group of pupils got down to the task of planting all the seedlings.They were sponsored in their activities by the newly reformed Friends of The Walks group who provided the pots, seeds and compost. Member of the Friends of the Walks group Gary Walker said: “It was lovely to see the youngsters so enthusiastic about planting the sunflowers.“The Walks is a fantastic civic amenity and with the park on the school’s doorstep, having Greyfriars involved can only be of benefit to both the pupils and the park.“We must now wait to see whose sunflower grows the tallest!”

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