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Safety day warns of dangers to swimmers

today 7

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Bawsey Country Park hosted a safety day to raise awareness of the dangers of swimming in its lakes – which can prove fatal for even the strongest swimmers.The beauty spot has seen several deaths over the years following people swimming in the lakes despite warning signs advising of the danger.The water at the former quarry is deep and cold, and even strong swimmers can instantly be overtaken by something called “cold-water shock”, which causes paralysis of the limbs and then drowning.The emergency services were on hand to talk with members of the public about water safety and life-saving techniques.Experienced members of the services wearing protective clothing also took part in “rescues” from the lake, with people using the on-site throw-lines to haul them back to dry land.They also demonstrated the ‘Float to Live’ principle, which encourages people who get into difficulty to lie on their back, with their ears in the water, and open their arms like a starfish.You may need to move your legs a little to keep you up, but the starfish position keeps your airways open.The advice is to then try your best to calm your breathing down and summon help.Four people have died in drowning incidents at Bawsey in the past decade.

Police Cadets with PC Daniel Brock.
Alexandra Brindley and firefighter Phoebe Laneuville.
Rigil Kent from the fire service, left, with Richard Wilkins from Bawsey Country Park.

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