Ryston juniors honoured at presentations

There was a new format for the Ryston Junior Awards gala, which consisted of two games of bowling followed by the presentations.

Due to Covid, it had been a few years since the last such event so it was based on results from the 2022/2023 season.

Nominating athletes is always a tricky task as there are so many worthy winners.

Junior award winners at Ryston Runners
Junior award winners at Ryston Runners

This year, all coaches voted anonymously, and decisions were made by nomination majority, taking into consideration ten 10 results, how often the athletes represented the club, and dedication to the sport.

In addition to the usual awards, there were presentations relating to points earned in a new Ryston Junior

League which ran from October 2022 to March 2023.

This was to encourage juniors to earn points by attending training, participating in competition, and encouraging their parents to help.

The 2022/23 winners were as follows.

U11 Boys Track and Field: Lewis Barnet

U11 Girls Track and Field: Laila Ringer

U13 Boys Track and Field: Aidan Howard

U13 Girls Track and Field: Leah Beagles

U15 Boys Track and Field: Ackara Black

U15 Girls Track and Field: Charley Wheatley

Male Sportshall Athlete: Riley Price

Female Sportshall Athlete: Abi Bransgrove

Male Cross Country: Ethan Ward

Female Cross Country: Olivia Ord

Track Athlete Of the Year: Ackara Black

Field Athlete of the Year: Aidan Howard

Athlete of the Year: Charley Wheatley

Male Newcomer: Aidan Beagles

Female Newcomer: Lauren Caunt

Male Endeavour: Rhys Howard

Female Endeavour: Leah Beagles

Most Improved: Abi Bransgrove

Ryston Junior League: 1 Rhys Howard 900 points, 2 Abi Bransgrove 885 points, 3 Ellie Bransgrove and Aidan Howard 840 points.