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Pupils’ showcase vibrant and inspiring artwork

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A vibrant and inspiring display of art was on show at Fairstead Community Primary and Nursery School this week.Entitled “Paint, Surface and Texture” it showcased the creative talents of all years from Nursery to Year Six.In Nursery the children explored colour – enjoying the way it makes them feel, while Reception pupils discovered they don’t just have to paint on paper – the world is full of textures and materials. They looked at transforming surfaces using lines, colour and shape.

Fairstead art exhibition. Pictures: Ian Burt

The school’s SEND Communication Classroom explored how they can use their imaginations, building confidence in their instinct, intuition and sense of self and ability to give an outward form to their inner ideas.In Year One the exhibition focused on exploration of watercolour as pupils discovered what watercolour can do, how it acts and how they can control it.

Fairstead Art Exhibition. Picture: Ian Burt

Year Two children looked at expressive painting using primary and secondary colours through expressive mark making. They studied the brush work of two old masters focusing on details of painting to understand how they built the work.Year Three pupils looked at artists who combine paint, sewing, art and craft and created an underpainting on cloth. They looked at sewing as an alternative way to make intuitive, textural marks.

Fairstead art exhibition. Pictures: Ian Burt

Year Four explored still life as an old art form and also one which is enjoyed by contemporary artists. They developed an understanding of how we can use line, shape, colour, texture, form and composition.Year Five were introduced to the idea that artists don’t just work in their studios but go out into the real world to draw and paint from life, inspired by their surroundings, while Year Six children researched artists who explore their identity within their art.

Fairstead art exhibition. Pictures: Ian Burt

They discovered how artists use various aspects of their identity and explored their own identities through face paints, drawing and creating collage either physically or digitally on a tablet to make their own portraits.

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