Provisional motorcyclist ‘couldn’t resist’ driving at 73mph and overtaking cars while doing a wheely

A provisional licence holder “couldn’t resist” driving his motorcycle at high speed and overtaking a number of cars – while doing a wheely.

Sebi-Florin Turcanu, 26, of Kingsway in Lynn, admitted to four offences at the town’s magistrates’ court on Thursday.

He was charged with failing to stop a vehicle when required to by police, driving without a full licence, driving without due care and attention, and driving a vehicle when his registration marks failed to conform with regulations.

The incident happened on Edward Benefer Way in Lynn
The incident happened on Edward Benefer Way in Lynn

The offences all happened on October 21 last year, when police were on patrol on Edward Benefer Way in Lynn and saw a motorcycle overtake a number of cars at speed while doing a “wheely”.

Officers turned around and followed the bike, which accelerated to 73mph on a road where the speed limit was 40mph.

Police lost the vehicle, but other officers later found the bike outside of Turcanu’s home address – and reported that the bike was warm to touch.

Initially, Turcanu denied the allegations. However, he later confessed when he saw the police officer who initially saw him driving.

Turcanu then admitted his actions and was “remorseful and visibly upset.”

Appearing unrepresented in court, he said: “I agree with what was said, I know I am guilty.

“I know I should have stopped, but I was panicking. I couldn’t resist going on the bike.”

Turcanu explained to magistrates, led by William Hush, that he had just passed his theory test and was working towards getting his full licence.

“I passed my theory test in January, but now it’s for nothing,” Turcanu said.

Magistrates opted to deal with his offences in totality and disqualifed Turcanu from driving for four months.

He was also fined £730 with an added victim surcharge of £292 and court costs of £105.