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Property closed down after years of loud music, drug use and fights

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A town property has been closed after a man caused a persistent nuisance to his neighbours over two-and-a-half-years.West Norfolk Council officers have succeeded in obtaining a closure order on the property, which is at Colby Court, Florence Road, Lynn.Yesterday, they told Lynn Magistrates’ Court that the actions of Dale Waring, 28, have had “a significant and profound impact” on the lives of his neighbours.

The property, which is at Colby Court on Florence Road, has been closed. Picture: Google Maps

Speaking after the hearing, Cllr Jo Rust, the council’s cabinet member for people and communities, said: “We will always seek to work with individuals and in this case the council has left no stone unturned in giving Dale Waring support and opportunities to change his behaviour.“Taking action like this is a last resort but Mr Waring’s failure to engage with the support offered left us with no other option.“We are pleased that the court supported our position and that this action will improve the lives of his neighbours, who have suffered with his behaviour for too long. “I would also like to commend the council officers involved in this case, who have worked hard and diligently to bring about this result.”Officers from the borough council explained to the court that they had investigated numerous noise complaints, including parties lasting for three days where Waring played music so loud that it caused ornaments to shake in other properties.There had been many incidents of disorder in and around his property, such as fights, threats and intimidation, fly-tipping and drug use, officers said. Multiple people had access to the property, so incidents occurred both when he was present and when he was not.They also told the court about the toll that the loss of sleep, and disorder associated with Waring and his associates, had taken on his neighbours and their children over a prolonged period. Senior community safety and neighbourhood nuisance officer Jo Reed said: “Despite our best efforts to work with him, Dale Waring has not been prepared to see that his behaviour is unreasonable, or that it has an impact on his neighbours.“We have given a great deal of careful consideration to this case. We had to balance his rights with the needs of the victims in this situation and they had suffered enough.“Today’s result showed that the court agreed and I am glad that his neighbours can enjoy some peace and quiet this evening.”Appearing unrepresented, Waring told the court that he did not dispute the facts and admitted he played loud music for the benefit of his mental health. He denied that it was him causing the nuisance on every occasion.After hearing all of the evidence, magistrates said that the council had produced comprehensive and compelling evidence for a closure order, and said they believed the behaviour would continue if they did not give it.They granted the closure order for three months.

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