‘Prolific offender’ sentenced for stealing steak and bike

A Lynn man who had committed more than 100 offences was sentenced after stealing more than £200 worth of steaks from a supermarket.

Leon Dowd, 41, of Dodmans Close, appeared at the town’s magistrates court on Thursday to be sentenced for the offence, along with another of stealing a bike worth £500.

He previously pleaded guilty to the offences and prosecutor Sally Harris described Dowd as a “prolific offender”.

Dowd stole a bike outside of Morrisons in Lynn
Dowd stole a bike outside of Morrisons in Lynn

On June 19, Dowd, along with another man, went into Lynn’s M&S and put 17 packs of steak worth £229 into carrier bags and made no attempt to pay.

On July 18, Dowd was outside of Morrisons in Lynn and picked up a black bicycle and rode it back to his home address.

He was later arrested for the offence and the bike was recovered and returned to its owner.

In his police interview, Dowd said that he was given the impression by a friend that it would be okay to take the bike.

In mitigation, Ruth Johnson said that Dowd has been cooperating with charity Change, Grow, Live (CGL) and the probation service.

She recommended that magistrates impose a community order on Dowd.

The bench, led by Jenny Hutton, handed Dowd an 18-month community order, which involves a drug rehabilitation course and 30 rehabilitation activity days.

He was fined £100 and ordered to pay £114.66 towards the cost of the stolen steak.

He will also pay a victim surcharge of £114 and court costs of £50.