Prized model ship to stay in town museum thanks to donor

The historic model of a famous ship will remain in its home town after being purchased by a museum.

Lynn man Roland Bach, 80, put a miniature construction of HMS Discovery – a famous vessel captained by George Vancouver in the late 1700s – up for sale earlier this year after buying it himself at an auction.

He expressed hope that it could stay in West Norfolk, but was worried local buyers may struggle to rustle up the funds.

The model of HMS Discovery has been placed in the True's Yard museum in Lynn
The model of HMS Discovery has been placed in the True’s Yard museum in Lynn

However, after negotiations with Mr Bach and receiving a donation from a private donor, Lynn’s True’s Yard Museum was able to purchase the model.

It has now been placed in the Old Smithy, with museum curator Lindsey Bavin saying: “We’re delighted that it is able to remain in Lynn.”

The model was completed in 2006 by Alan Stott, a member of the town’s model boat club.

Captain Vancouver led the ship and its crew during quests throughout northwest America and Canada.