Pelicans in goalless stalemate

Pelicans fired a weekend blank at Norwich as they were unable to build on their opening win from the previous weekend.

For the third time in succession, the two teams couldn’t be separated as the game ended in a goalless draw.

Chances in the first half were few and far between and Pelicans always looked dangerous on the counter-attack.

Pelicans men were unable to fin a goal at Norwich City on Saturday during a goalless stalemate.
Pelicans men were unable to fin a goal at Norwich City on Saturday during a goalless stalemate.

Half chances fell the way of Sam Phillips, Harry Sampson and Miles Doncaster but on a bouncy surface these chances passed by.

Defensively, Pelicans looked solid against a well-organised Norwich City side.

The two holding midfielders of Kirwin Christoffels and Phoenix Sherry broke up many attacks from the home side, picking passes off with ease and starting up attacks for their side.

Behind them, Iain Page was in fine form, along with brother Chris and Sam Major, who didn’t give the Norwich forwards a sniff.

Goalkeeper Matt Bower hardly had a save to make but what he did do was more than effective.

Into the second half, the pattern of the game remained.

Pelicans will feel slightly aggrieved that they didn’t snap up one of two chances late in the game.

Firstly, Phillips danced through the majority of the Norwich team only for his shot to fly over the crossbar.

Christoffels caught a strike on the volley cleaner than he’ll ever hit one but it stung the palms of the home team’s goalkeeper.

Any chances Norwich attempted to create in the second half were extinguished by a solid Pelicans defence.

This was a real team effort, which on another day with a bit more luck would have resulted in them returning home with three points.

Tomorrow, Pelicans return to fortress Alive Lynnsport when they entertain Cambridge Uni (2pm).

4Way MoM: Sam Major.

Weekend teams

Pelicans men’s 1sts v Cambridge Uni 2nds: Matt Bower, Sam Phillips, Iain Page, Sam Major, Matt Southby, Kirwin Christoffels, Phoenix Sherry, Ian Simons, Miles Doncaster, Harry Sampson, George Van Aalst, Toby Phillips, Eddie Van Aalst, Oli Booth.

St Ives 1sts v Pelicans Ladies 1sts: Jane Proctor, Megan Antliff, Tracy Bower, Laura Culley-Tea, Bianca Fraulo Hilario, Brooke Harris, Kiona Sequeira, Karise Sherry, Jessica Williams, Jess Walker, Clair Morton, Amelie Beck, Jessica Beck.