Organisers planning to go ahead with fireworks display despite storm threat

Organisers are still planning to go ahead with Lynn’s popular Fawkes in the Walks fireworks display on Friday, despite the threat of a storm in the two days preceding it.

West Norfolk Council says onsite activities that support the event have been adapted due to current wet conditions in The Walks and the expected impact of Storm Ciarán.

Cllr Simon Ring, Cabinet member for events, said: “This is the biggest event on the borough council calendar. At a time when rising living costs may prevent people from attending other events, we are keen to ensure this event, which routinely attracts thousands of people, goes ahead.

The sky above the Red Mount lit up during the 2022 display
The sky above the Red Mount lit up during the 2022 display

“We also know that holding this event reduces the possible risk of injuries to people hosting their own private fireworks. Clearly, the event can only go ahead if is safe to do so.

“We have adapted the event to remove some of the heavier fairground equipment. This will open up more space to compensate for the waterlogged areas of The Walks that will be roped off. There will be some concessions and funfair rides for young people. Waterproof boots and clothing will be a must for Friday night.

“There will be plenty for people to enjoy, including the bands on the stage and the mayor is set to count the crowd down to our wonderful display that will start at 8pm.

“We are carefully watching the forecasts and if Storm Ciarán takes its toll we may have to make some last-minute changes to the plans or even cancel the event. Please follow the borough council social media channels, as well as local media, to see the latest updates.”

An update will be posted to the borough council website and the borough council social media channels on Friday morning, which includes the Facebook News and Events page. Follow these channels for the ‘official’ information on the Fawkes in the Walks event.

Information for people attending Fawkes in the Walks


– Wear wellies or waterproof boots and waterproof clothing;

– Tread carefully – it’s muddy and therefore slippery underfoot;

– Ensure children are accompanied by an adult;

– Enter The Walks from Seven Sisters/Extons Road, the Library gates and County Court Road by 7.45pm on the night of the event. The Tennyson Avenue and Blackfriars Road entrances will remain open throughout;

– Use town centre car parks. The most convenient car park for the event is the St James’ multi-storey;

– Support this local event by only purchasing flashing glows and other novelties from the permitted sellers inside the park.


– Bring pets to the park during the event.

– Bring your own private fireworks and sparklers – they are not permitted in The Walks.

– Obstruct residential side streets as this could hamper emergency service access. Please use car parks mentioned above.

Please note, the east to west route in front of the Red Mount Chapel will be closed from 8am on Friday until 8am on Saturday morning.