One third of British employees work in pyjamas survey finds

One-third of British employees work in pyjamas, survey finds

A third of British employees have admitted to working in their pyjamas, a survey has found.

Employment firm Indeed surveyed over 1,000 employees and 500 employers in the UK, discovering 33% of workers wear pyjamas during shift hours.

Employees don nightwear 46 working days a year on average, with one in 12 wearing pyjamas every day.

Nearly half of the bosses surveyed said staff have become too casual since the Covid pandemic due to home-working, with 29% advocating for stricter dress codes.

Employers say pyjamas are the most inappropriate work appearance, followed by unwashed or messy hair and 44% say tracksuit bottoms should not be worn.

Two in five employers say trainers are inappropriate attire but almost two-thirds of staff wear them while working.

Elsewhere, the survey found the Gen-Z generation aged 18 to 26 are the smartest dressers, with 42% donning suits compared to 15% of those aged over 35.

More than half (53%) of workers admit to wearing scruffier clothes on the bottom half while attending work video calls from home.

Two surveys were carried out on behalf of Indeed by Censuswide between October 24 and 30 this year.

One involved 1,035 employees in the UK and the other included 500 decision-makers within businesses.

Published: by Radio NewsHub