New team set to reopen historic town pub within a week

A historic town pub is set to reopen in the coming week after being taken on by a brand new team.

The Lattice House in Lynn, which dates back to medieval times, was purchased by town resident and businessman James Lee earlier this year – and he has now tasked a well established company with reviving the old building.

Jacob Seed, the director of operations at Davies Seed Capital Ltd, will be overseeing the business on a daily basis. His crews have been carrying out extensive work to get the premises up to scratch once again.

The Lattice House in Lynn is set to reopen
The Lattice House in Lynn is set to reopen

The company has around 40 years of experience in running pubs, and staff are hoping to be more successful than some of the previous owners.

The Chapel Street venue has been closed since last August after its licensees opted to leave the business.

A number of faces have come and gone at the town centre spot in recent years, including award-winning chef and multi-site pub operator Geoff Jones in 2018.

Now, Mr Seed has said: “Really, we’re just bringing it back to how it should be – to how it was. To its former glory.

“It’s been around for five and a half hundred years. You can have all your new prehab shops and what not, but if you’ve got a building this old we’ve got to preserve the history of the town.

“So if we can, and we will, make a really good business out of one of the oldest places in the town, that’s what you need.”

Mr Seed went to college in Lynn and lives in West Norfolk, while his mother lives just outside of the town – so he considers himself a “local lad”.

He jumped at the opportunity to take on the Lattice House after being offered it by Mr Lee, and has had to whittle down 60 applicants to form his new crew.

“I think we’ve got a really good team – some good experience in there within the bar staff, some great personalities,” he said.

“I think they’re really going to make this place thrive.”

Workers have been busy painting the pub for what they believe is the first time in 15 years, while its carpets have been replaced as well.

A different brewery has been enlisted, and the pub will sell lot of mainstream beers – but they will be joined by some up-and-coming craft and flavoured lagers.

“The place was just looking really tired, so we’ve painted every wall and just freshened it up – and gone with a slightly more modern style,” Mr Seed added.