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Mother concerned after disabled daughter suffered ankle fracture following e-bike collision

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A mother has voiced concerns about road safety in Lynn’s town centre after her disabled daughter was injured by an electric bike.Teresa James’ 32-year-old daughter Megan, who has cerebral palsy, was visiting Lynn in early April when she was struck by the vehicle on the Tuesday Market Place.Her ankle was fractured during the incident, while her leg was left swollen and she has been forced to endure bed rest ever since.

Megan James and her mum Teresa

Megan, who uses a wheelchair, was hit by the e-bike at the zebra crossing outside The Globe Hotel, where the square joins with King Street.Ms James told the Lynn News that the driver failed to stop at the scene and has not yet been identified. A Norfolk Police spokesperson confirmed the matter was reported to officers, who are currently investigating.

Megan was hit by the e-bike next to the zebra crossing on the corner of the Tuesday Market Place

Ms James and Megan live in Solihull in the West Midlands, and Megan was on respite in Lynn on April 7 when she was hit.“Out of nowhere this e-bike came and hit her from her left side,” Ms James said.“A few people said they saw it, and a man said he was going very fast along the road.“I thought he might have injured himself and went to hospital later, but I haven’t heard anything.”

Megan was on respite on Lynn when the collision left her with a fractured ankle

Ms James has voiced concerns about e-bikes and the safety issues they may cause for people with disabilities, particularly on the busy town centre road. She says the fact they are quiet can make it challenging to know they are coming.Just this week, an industry group representing motorcycle manufacturers such as Honda and BMW has warned that a lack of policing has led to “widespread” use of e-bikes which should technically qualify as mopeds due to their high speeds.

Megan’s mum believes her wheelchair helped her somewhat during the collision

This would mean drivers require a licence to use them. It is not known what type of vehicle the driver who hit Megan was using.“Normally, she will go out on her own and she is very good at crossing the road,” Ms James added. “But I suppose an e-bike is quite quiet. He must have come out of nowhere.“In a way, her wheelchair protected her – it just got her legs. But the consultant at the hospital said he is seeing more people with e-bikes hitting people now.” However, Megan has not lost any of her love for Lynn, and hopes to continue visiting West Norfolk in the future despite the ordeal.The police spokesperson has asked anyone with information about the incident to get in touch with officers via email at KingsLynnSNT@norfolk.police.uk

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