Mixed feelings after Sunak publishes tax return

Mixed feelings after Sunak publishes tax return

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner has said Rishi Sunak’s newly-published tax summary shows he pays a “far lower tax rate than working people”.

She said: “After much delay, it is right that the Prime Minister has published his tax returns.

“They reveal a tax system designed by successive Tory governments in which the Prime Minister pays a far lower tax rate than working people who face the highest tax burden in 70 years.

“His refusal to scrap non-dom status, his tax handout for the wealthiest one per cent and his choice to hand private schools a £1.7 billion tax break while raising taxes on working people through a cost-of-living crisis tells you all you need to know about who he puts first.

“After 13 years of Tory government, Britain has a cost-of-living crisis, public services on their knees, growth on the floor and tax system that benefits Rishi Sunak while leaving working people worse off.”

Conservative Party chairman Greg Hands has defended Rishi Sunak’s high tax bill following its release.

It was put to him that the amount the Prime Minister paid in tax – £432,500 in 2021/22 – was about 13 times what most people earn.

Mr Hands told ITV’s Peston: “We want to have, in this country, wealthy people paying a lot of tax.

“So, I think we should be proud of the fact that people are paying tax in this country and proud of the fact they’re financing our excellent public services.”

Published: by Radio NewsHub