Mid Norfolk Sunday Cricket League makes changes

Much has changed in the Mid-Norfolk Sunday Cricket League as the league approaches an exciting new season.

After extensive consultation with member clubs, the whole make up of the league has been altered.

Out has gone the old pyramid structure to be replaced by a regionalised competition that will be ultimately be decided with Play-Offs at the end of the season.

The Shield Super Stars’ Championship Play-Off will be for the Elite Divisions and will take place on the main pitch at the Horsford County Ground on Saturday, September 2.

The winners and therefore league champions will receive the historic 119-year-old league shield.

Meanwhile, The Boyle Buccaneers’ Play-Off will also take place on the same day at Horsford on their excellent second pitch.

The winners will receive the 113-year-old Boyle Cup.

The league points structure has been totally changed with a view to providing a better reward for effort. With immediate effect, both sides will gain their batting and bowling points regardless of whether they have won, lost, tied or abandoned their matches.

The maximum that a team can gain from a match has risen to 25 points.

Captains are able to agree with their opposition to play a reduced overs match.

The league will recognise a T20 (20 overs per side match).

This means that they have the ability to fashion the match according to the weather, availability of players or any other factor that might affect the game.

Reflecting upon the new season, league chairman Colin King said, “We are keen to see that every team has the best opportunity of playing an exciting match.

“To this end, we have introduced a highly responsive loan player scheme.

“We have also developed a revolutionary approach towards fixtures that takes into consideration other commitments like weddings, christenings and village fetes.”

He continued, “This is going to be an exciting season where every single player and every single team will have the chance of competing in the Play-Offs at Horsford.

No one will be bottom of the heap and his year there is something for everyone. It’s going to be thrilling and anyone can be champions.”