Man who headbutted officer hears of impact of injury

A man who headbutted a policeman was told in court of the impact the action had on the officer, who was left injured.

Oliver Watkins, 31, appeared at Lynn’s Magistrates’ Court on Thursday where he admitted to three offences.

Along with common assault on an emergency worker, Watkins also caused criminal damage to the police car the officer was driving and was also charged with being drunk and disorderly in a public place.

Watkins headbutted the police car, which left a dent. Picture: iStock
Watkins headbutted the police car, which left a dent. Picture: iStock

It follows an incident on February 18, when police were called following a disturbance between two men, one being Watkins.

He told police officers to “f**k off” and officers warned him against swearing.

The man who Watkins was with tried to encourage him to walk away from the situation.

However, Watkins did not take the advice and repeatedly swore at officers and made a rude hand gesture.

He then hit his head on the side of the police car, causing a dent and subsequently headbutted the policeman to the eyebrow.

The officer reported that his eye immediately began to swell.

Watkins, of Sandy Lane, Dereham, had a total of 54 previous convictions.

A statement provided by the officer was read by crown prosecutor Nicola Lamb.

The statement read: “The swelling to my right eye was severe and I returned home.

“I was given four rest days, my right eye was heavy and warm and I couldn’t see out of it.

“I had to tape my eye open to drive to the supermarket to get some ibuprofen.”

In mitigation, Alison Muir said that Watkins has schizophrenia and an attention deficit disorder.

“He drank two bottles of tequila when he shouldn’t have with the medication he takes,” she said,

“When he does drink, he binge drinks.”

Magistrates opted for a pre-sentence report to be completed which requires Watkins to carry out an appointment with the probation service on June 1.

Watkins has been released on unconditional bail and will return to Lynn’s Magistrates’ Court to find out his punishment on July 12.