Man used violent language to police while dealing with a serious crash

A man who was using “abusive language” to police officers at the scene of a serious crash was also found guilty of being in charge of a bicycle while drunk.

Jason Bell, 53, of Dawbar Close, Gaywood, appeared at Lynn’s Magistrates’ Court on Thursday where he admitted to three offences.

He pleaded guilty to failing to stop on a bicycle as well as being drunk and in charge of it. He also admitted to using threatening language to cause alarm or distress.

Bell tried to get down Gaywood Road while a road closure was in place. Picture: Google Maps
Bell tried to get down Gaywood Road while a road closure was in place. Picture: Google Maps

It follows an incident on March 28 when police closed Gaywood Road following a serious collision where a person suffered life-changing injuries.

Despite the closure, Bell came down the road on his bike.

Officers told him to stop, but Bell continued to ignore police and started to laugh.

He began using offensive language towards police and repeatedly said: “Are you f***ing serious, I don’t need to stop for you.”

Due to several members of the public being present at the time, an officer apologised to the five to 10 eyewitnesses in the area on Bell’s behalf.

After this, Bell called the officer a “f***ing p***k” and police “a bunch of p***ks”.

At the time, it was clear to officers that Bell was drunk and he was arrested and placed into custody.

On arrival, Bell refused to exit the police car and proceeded to “put on a show” for the custody officer.

Officers said that Bell began to cry and said that he needed medical attention.

Bell has a total of 15 previous convictions consisting of 27 offences, and he was on police bail for another matter at the time of the offence.

He was represented in court by George Sorrell, who said: “Emotions were already high with the matter of the incident.

“He behaved in a thoroughly obnoxious manner.”

Mr Sorrell continued to explain that his client normally behaves well, but was drunk at the time.

“He is very sorry for his behaviour, I would like to stress his remorse, it’s fair to say that he’s an alcoholic.”

Magistrates decided to fine Bell £115 with a victim surcharge fee of £46 and court costs of £105.