Man tried opening police van holding his brother

A man ended up in court after trying to open the door of a moving police van which his brother was inside of.

Zachary Robson, 25, of Hillings Way, Pott Row, was in Lynn’s Magistrates’ Court on Thursday where he admitted to the offences of being drunk and disorderly and obstructing a constable in their duty.

It follows a series of events which occurred on March 23 at around 11.30pm, where officers were on patrol outside Dr Thirsty’s nightclub in Lynn.

The incident happened outside of Dr Thirsty's in Lynn
The incident happened outside of Dr Thirsty’s in Lynn

Police were busy detaining another man outside the club, who was Robson’s brother.

The man was put inside the police van, which started driving off at a speed of approximately 5mph.

While the van was moving, Robson tried opening the van door and then tried to run off.

He was subsequently arrested for his actions.

Mitigating was Andrew Cogan, who said that Robson didn’t run far from police.

Mr Cogan said: “His brother was in the van, he was very worried about him.

“The van was driving at 5mph and there’s no suggestion of assault on the police officer.”

He continued: “He ran away but not very far, it was less than 50 metres.

“This man has learned a valuable lesson, now he has lost his good character.”

Magistrates handed Robson a six month conditional discharge and he was also ordered to pay £105 in court costs and a £26 victim surcharge.