Man stole alcohol from supermarket to sell to make money to buy food

A court heard how a man had stolen bottles of spirits from a supermarket to sell to get money to feed himself.

Danny Ford, 42, of St Johns Terrace in Lynn, appeared at the town’s magistrates court on Thursday, where he admitted to the theft.

Prosecutor Qamar Iqbal explained that on July 18, Ford was seen in Sainbury’s in Lynn picking up bottles of spirits totalling to the value of £45.

Ford was at Lynn Magistrates’ Court on Thursday
Ford was at Lynn Magistrates’ Court on Thursday

He was seen walking out of the store without making any attempt to pay.

In mitigation, George Sorrell explained that Ford had taken the alcohol to sell.

Mr Sorrell said: “The property wasn’t recovered. His intention was to sell them to buy food. He has been going through a bad patch this year.

“He has been unwell, he has had difficulty getting benefits sorted out.”

Mr Sorrell explained that Ford was actively looking for work to better himself.

“He is ashamed of himself, he is in a much better spirit and is ready to get on with his life.”

Ford was ordered by magistrates to pay £45 in compensation to Sainsbury’s and ordered to pay a fine of £50.