Man in court after shouting swear words at town festival

A man who arrested after shouting numerous swear words during an argument while at Lynn’s Festival Too, a court has heard.

Richard Jackson, 47, of St James Street in Lynn, admitted to being drunk and disorderly at a hearing in the town’s magistrates court on Thursday.

The court heard that on Friday, June 30, Jackson was at the festival on Tuesday Market Place where people of all ages were enjoying an evening of free music.

Festival Too takes place on Tuesday Market Place, Lynn
Festival Too takes place on Tuesday Market Place, Lynn

However, police were called to assist with an incident involving Jackson.

Prosecutor Nicola Lamb said he was shouting “abusive and foul language” including the words “f**k”, “c**t” and “n***e”.

The court was told he was seen throwing punches and heard slurring his words. Police noted that they could smell alcohol on him.

Jackson was mitigating for himself in court and said: “Well, I was drunk, I’ve got no defence really I admit that.

“There were certain things going on that I don’t want to go into detail [about].”

He added: “I probably was a bit rude when police were trying to move the situation.”

Magistrates chose to give Jackson a six-month conditional discharge and ordered him to pay court costs of £105 and a victim surcharge of £26.