Man caught carrying four Samurai swords could face prison sentence

A man who was caught carrying four Samurai swords in Lynn is at risk of going to prison.

Joylan McLauchlan, 35, of Litcham Road in Lynn, pleaded guilty at the town’s magistrates court on Thursday to four counts of carrying a blade.

On April 7, police were called to the supported accommodation where McLauchlan lives after he left the premises with a bag containing four swords.

He appeared at King’s Lynn’s Magistrates’ Court on Thursday
He appeared at King’s Lynn’s Magistrates’ Court on Thursday

Police later found him in Lynn with the bag described and McLauchlan was compliant in dropping the bag.

McLauchlan had a previous conviction of owning a bladed article in 2020.

Prosecutor Nicola Lamb said: “No defence was given and he had no reason to have them.”

Mitigating was Tiffany Meredith, who explained that the swords were a special interest of McLauchlan’s.

“There are circumstances the court should take into account. He has significant mental health issues.

“The swords were kept in a locked cabinet in the reception, he was allowed to look at and study at them.

“He wanted to have them in his room for a period of time, he knows he shouldn’t have had them.

“He put them in his bag and had no intention of harming himself or anyone else.

“It’s just an interest he has in them and watches films the swords are in.”

Ms Meredith explained that McLauchlan has “unresolved issues” and suffers with PTSD and schizophrenia.

She concluded: “He is vulnerable and he would be very vulnerable in a custodial environment.”

However, magistrates did not rule out sending him to prison and ordered an all-options report to be carried out.

He has been released on unconditional bail and is set to return to Lynn Magistrates’ Court on August 10.