Kick-outs, ‘volatile behaviour’ and Class A drugs saw trio wind up in court

Kick-outs, “volatile behaviour” and cocaine all played a role in an incident which saw three people wind up in court.

Leon Vertigan, 19, Ronnie Dunne, 26, and Sarah Wilson, 39, appeared together at Lynn Magistrates’ Court last Thursday charged with a range of offences.

Vertigan pleaded guilty to assault with intent to arrest, Dunne admitted possession of a Class A drug, and Wilson pleaded guilty to assault by beating of an emergency worker.

Vertigan, Dunne and Wilson appeared at Lynn Magistrates’ Court last Thursday
Vertigan, Dunne and Wilson appeared at Lynn Magistrates’ Court last Thursday

The matters related to an incident which took place in Lynn on September 9, which started after police were called to Loke Road shortly before 6.45pm. Wilson, of John Kennedy Road in Lynn, was believed to have committed an offence of actual bodily harm against a member of the public.

Crown prosecutor Sally Harris said that upon arriving, those officers also attempted to arrest Vertigan – but he resisted because he could see another officer attempting to take Wilson, his mother, into custody. He shouted to tell them that she was pregnant.

While attempting to grab Vertigan, of Priory Road in Downham, one officer’s finger became stuck in a set of handcuffs. They described the pain as “unbearable”.

Wilson then kicked out at a constable, and was swinging her arms “all over the place” while shouting “get out of my f*cking face”.

However, officers eventually managed to take her to the ground and place her in handcuffs.

Meanwhile, a search was being carried out on Dunne, of Archdale Street in Lynn. During this, Ms Harris said he displayed “extremely volatile” behaviour and resorted to “thrashing around” after being placed in a police van.

It transpired that he had 0.24g of cocaine in his possession.

Mitigating for Vertigan, solicitor Alison Muir drew attention to the fact that he had breached a suspended sentence by committing his offence.

Magistrates, led by Paul Redhead, committed his case to Norwich Crown Court to tie it in with other allegations he faces. He will appear there on November 13.

In mitigation for Dunne, Ruth Johnson said the defendant had been “entirely transparent” about the drug matter.

“In the past, there have been problems as far as substance abuse is concerned,” she said.

“It is not something that poses a difficulty for him any longer.”

The solicitor also described the cocaine found on his person as an “incredibly small amount”.

Appearing unrepresented, Wilson said: “I am not going to lie – I am an alcoholic. I was drunk.

“These two boys might have been there, but I hold my hands up. I was responsible for the whole lot.”

Wilson was fined £50, and will pay £100 in compensation to the police officer she assaulted.

She was also ordered to pay £50 in legal costs and a £26 victim surcharge.

Dunne, meanwhile, will pay a £120 fine, £50 in court costs and a £48 victim surcharge. Magistrates also made an order for the drugs to be forfeited and destroyed.