Kates piano teacher writes song for entire nation to sing at coronation

Kate’s piano teacher writes song for ‘entire nation’ to sing at coronation

58 year old Daniel Nicholls says he wants the whole nation to learn and sing Defender Of Us All

A music teacher who taught the Princess of Wales and her family to play piano has composed a song to celebrate the King’s coronation.

Daniel Nicholls, 58, who lives near the Middleton family home in Bucklebury, Berkshire, says he wants the whole nation to learn and sing Defender Of Us All by the time of the ceremony on May 6.

Mr Nicholls co-wrote the song with his wife Sandra, 65, because they were inspired by Charles’s “desire for inclusivity and diversity”.

He told the PA news agency: “We sent it out to schools in England and Scotland and we’ve had very positive responses to it.

“Our aim is to get all schools to sing it on the Friday before the coronation and then have the entire nation singing it on May 6.

“It’s all a bit grand, but what we thought would be an amazing thing to celebrate the coronation would be if the entire nation sang a song.

“This is really for everybody; wouldn’t it be wonderful to get everyone together and have a positive attitude to things?

“It’s what we British are good at, on the day of the coronation have the entire nation, even outside Westminster Abbey, singing together.”

Mr Nicholls, who taught Kate when she was between the ages of 11 and 13, joked the song could be a “new national anthem” which anybody can learn and sing.

In 2011, he wrote a song for Kate and the Prince of Wales’s wedding.

Mr Nicholls added: “It just seemed very appropriate to write another one for William’s dad, we have actually sent it to the Palace and the King and we’re awaiting a reply.”

He also taught Kate’s sister Pippa and her brother James.

Mrs Nicholls said: “It’s just light and fun and free, schools are loving it.

“A few have suggested doing it at 11am on the Friday before the coronation.

“They want to do something for the whole celebration and this is a nice, easy song.

“If they don’t have someone to play the piano there’s backing track and a video which they can sing to.

“It’s a nice, simple thing schools can do along with their tea parties.”

The recording, the sheet music and a backing track are all available at www.soundscool.org.

Published: by Radio NewsHub