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‘It was surreal’: 21-year-old’s shock at finding out she was six months pregnant

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A Lynn woman was shocked to find out she was six months pregnant – despite having no bump or symptoms.Lily Somerton, 21, still had her period and had no symptoms to indicate she was expecting – until she felt her stomach move while lying down.Already a mum-of-one, Lily recognised the feeling from her previous pregnancy and took a test just to be sure. The test came back positive and Lily went for a scan straight away and was told she was 24 weeks along and experiencing a cryptic pregnancy – when a pregnant person doesn’t know they’re expecting – in April.Doctors told Lily she may not grow a bump for the remainder of her pregnancy but her baby boy – due in July – is healthy.Lily, a support worker, said: “I was on the bed and I saw my belly move.

Lily Somerton, 21, found out she was pregnant at 24 weeks. Picture: SWNS

“I did a test and it was positive. I went for a scan and they said I was 24 weeks. “I just froze. How was I so far along? It was surreal.”I still had my periods. They said I might not get a bump at all.”Lily fell pregnant with her first son, now 19 months, unexpectedly when she missed a period.

Lily has been told she may not grow a bump for the remainder of her pregnancy. Picture: SWNS

She gave birth to him in October 2022 weighing 8lbs 10oz. She said that it was a shock but she found out early on and “soon got over it”.After splitting from her first child’s ex in mid-2022, Lily met her current partner, Ashley Davis, 35, a window fitter, in April 2023.

Lily Somerton, 21 with Ashley Davis, 35. Picture: SWNS

Lily also lost her dad Wayne Somerton, 51, a window fitter, in November 2023 to throat cancer – just five days before her 21st birthday. The mum went out to celebrate her birthday – not knowing she was seven days pregnant.It wasn’t until April 2024 – when she was six months gone – that Lily discovered she was experiencing a cryptic pregnancy.

Lily Somerton, with her child and her father Wayne Somerton. Picture: SWNS

She said: “I’d never heard of it. I was keen to know he was okay.”After getting over the shock, Lily is excited to give her son a baby brother.She said: “It’s been the easiest pregnancy I’ve known. Ashley didn’t believe it for ages.

Lily Somerton, 21, whilst pregnant. Picture: SWNS

“I didn’t like having a big bump during my last pregnancy. I felt massive but I wasn’t.”It’s not a bad thing not to have a massive bump.”

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