‘It was so surreal but so beautiful’: Dolphins spotted in river in town

Dolphins have been spotted in a river in Lynn, much to the surprise of those who saw them.

Charlie Racher was walking with her friends and their dog on Cross Bank Road at the docks in Lynn yesterday at around 6pm when a man asked them if they had seen the creatures in the River Great Ouse.

“I don’t think we really understood what he had said at first but we looked to where he pointed and suddenly, there were two of them, one smaller than the other so we guessed it was a mother and her baby, surfacing and going under over and over again looking for food the boats had brought in earlier,” Charlie said.

“We stood there for so long just trying to take it all in.

“It was so surreal but so beautiful – it was an incredible experience that I never expected and doubt I’ll see again.”

The man who pointed them out to Charlie and her friends said in 50 years this had been the first time he had seen dolphins in the Ouse.

Dolphins have been spotted in the River Great Ouse in King's Lynn. Picture: Charlie Racher
Dolphins have been spotted in the River Great Ouse in King’s Lynn. Picture: Charlie Racher

Charlie’s post of a video of the dolphins in the King’s Lynn Free Discussion Facebook group has received hundreds of reactions, shares and comments from locals.

A further post from another resident suggested that dolphins had also been spotted further down the Ouse at Salters Lode near Downham in the early hours of this morning.