‘I’m going to snort some cocaine in the toilets,’ man said as he ran away from police

A man who was heard saying “I’m going to snort some cocaine in the toilets” appeared in court after running away from officers.

Dovydas Lebedevas, 18, of Lady Jane Grey Road, Lynn, admitted to obstructing a police officer of their duty at the town’s magistrates’ court on Thursday.

Magistrates raised their concerns about the 18-year-old, who already has a number of criminal convictions.

The offence happened on Norfolk Street, King's Lynn. Picture: Google Maps
The offence happened on Norfolk Street, King’s Lynn. Picture: Google Maps

It was after they were told by crown prosecutor Nicola Lamb that on January 21, Lebedevas was seen by police outside of Bar 100 in Lynn.

He was heard saying: “I’m going to snort some cocaine in the toilets” and was then taken out of the club by officers on duty in town at the time to be searched.

However, Lebedevas ran away from the scene.

Later on February 18, Lebedevas was recognised by police standing outside the same nightclub and was subsequently arrested.

“There are recent but not relevant convictions,” said Ms Lamb.

Lebedevas appeared unrepresented at court and was given the chance to explain his actions to the magistrates.

“It seems like you were making a bit of a nuisance of yourself,” said chair of the magistrates John Hare, to which Lebedevas replied: “I was drunk and being a bit stupid.”

Mr Hare told him:” You’re not that old and you have a history of a GBH in 2021, a driving offence in 2022 and two drunk and disorderly charges in 2022.”

The defendant said he did not drink often, but did when there was a birthday to celebrate.

Magistrates handed Lebedevas a fine of £75 and ordered him to pay added court costs of £105 and a victim surcharge fee of £30.

The chair concluded the case by warning Lebedevas as he said: “You are fairly young and I’m sure you don’t want to come back to court.

“Just have a think about your drinking, because you’re smiling, it’s tiresome for the court and it’s tiresome for you.”