“If ever there’s a time for everyone to come together for the good of the club, it has to be now,” says Lynn Stars owner

King’s Lynn stalwart Keith Chapman is stepping back into the breach to ensure the Insure Premiership outfit can continue to operate.

The club’s owner is urging maximum backing from the fans in difficult times following the shock departure of Alex Brady.

Chapman, whose intention had been to relinquish control of the MacInnes Stars and to leave speedway promotion at the end of this season, returns to the UK tomorrow (Wednesday) and will oversee the home clash with Wolverhampton on Thursday.

Buster Chapman
Buster Chapman

Brady confirmed his decision to quit on Monday evening, and co-promoter Dale Allitt is currently in hospital with illness – leaving the Stars in a tough situation.

Rob Lyon will continue to stand in as team manager against Wolves.

Chapman said: “If ever there’s a time for everyone to come together for the good of the club, it has to be now.

“This is a situation I never envisaged, I wasn’t going to be running the club, but with Alex having taken his decision I’ve had to step back in to ensure we keep running.

“But I have to stress things are far from easy or straightforward.

“It’s a fact that we now have a team which is over budget, and we’ve absolutely got to get people in to support us to make it work out – plus I’d urge anyone interested in sponsoring us to please get in touch.

“I can’t stress enough that this is now one of the most critical periods we have faced, and especially after a great performance from the team at Belle Vue on Monday, this is the time to get behind us – it’s absolutely essential for our future.

“I’d also like to wish Dale all the very best. He’s an integral part of the club and does so much work behind the scenes, and we need him back with us and fully recovered.”