Historical-themed events to celebrate famous medieval woman

Two museums are teaming up with an art centre to celebrate the 650th birthday of a famous medieval mystic from Lynn.

True’s Yard Fisherfolk Museum and Stories of Lynn are working with St George’s Guildhall to tell the life stories of Margery Kempe, one of the few female preachers of the 15th Century.

Her book, ‘The Book of Margery Kempe’ was the first autobiography in the English language and is still widely read and studied today.

Sian Hogarth as Margery Kempe (Picture: True's Yard Fisherfolk Museum)
Sian Hogarth as Margery Kempe (Picture: True’s Yard Fisherfolk Museum)

Some events have been held but upcoming ones that are being held to celebrate the 650th anniversary of Margery’s birth:

Until November 9, Margery Kempe Trail. FREE- Collect your trail from True’s Yard, Stories of Lynn, King’s Lynn Minster, The Place or The Art Centre. Get pilgrim badge stickers to win a free copy of ‘Margery Kempe of Lynn’ from True’s Yard.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Arts Centre (St George’s Guildhall) Medieval Mischief with Margery Kempe £10pp. Under 16s FREE. 7pm-8pm. An evening of historical entertainment. In a one-woman show, Margery Kempe will be brought to life by Sian Hogarth of the historical Interpretation Group ‘Timetrippers’.

Thursday, 1pm-2pm at True’s Yard, Michael Gilbert Making a Living – Life in the Medieval Fenlands. FREE- Learn how the people of the region survived the crisis of the 14th Century and continued to prosper during the economic and demographic stagnation of the 15th Century.

For more information about these events you can call True’s Yard Museum at 01553770479 or email info@truesyard.co.uk