Historic pub set to reopen this summer after years of uncertainty

A historic town pub could open its doors once again this summer after being bought over by a lover of old buildings.

The Lattice House in Lynn, which dates back to medieval times, has been purchased by town resident and businessman James Lee.

The Chapel Street venue closed down last August after its licensees opted to leave the business.

The Lattice House, on Chapel Street in Lynn
The Lattice House, on Chapel Street in Lynn

A number of faces have come and gone at the town centre spot in recent years, including award-winning chef and multi-site pub operator Geoff Jones in 2018.

But now, Mr Lee, 59, hopes to bring some much needed stability to the old building.

He will not be running the pub on a day-to-day basis himself, and is instead in the process of finding a team to take it on under his ownership. His final decision “could be getting close”.

James Lee has purchased The Lattice House in Lynn
James Lee has purchased The Lattice House in Lynn

If all goes well, he hopes to have it back open for residents again by the end of June or start of July.

“It’s just another classic old property in Lynn that was standing there empty and needed some attention,” Mr Lee said.

“An old building stood empty is a bit like an old classic car, really. If you leave them empty and you don’t use them, they very quickly deteriorate and become irretrievably damaged.

“The best thing to do is have them functioning, rather than have them standing as some kind of monument.”

Mr Lee has lived in Lynn since 1971, and also owns historic buildings on King Street, Tower Street and High Street in Lynn – as well as Hanse House.

He believes previous owners of The Lattice House have struggled to run it successfully because of its size.

“I think it was opened up in a time when pubs were thriving, but it probably is a bit too big and a bit unmanageable because it’s a bit disjointed,” he added.

“It needs another look, so that’s what I’m going to do.”

One of Mr Lee’s architects is currently examining the building, and will draw up plans in a bid to make it more “user-friendly” for its next bar team.