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‘He is a regular little boy’: Influencer to light up town centre venue for younger brother

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An influencer aims to end stigmas and stereotypes as she lights up a town centre venue for her nine-year-old brother.Burnham Market mother of three Rebecca Fisher, also known as The Coastal Mummy, has been illuminating buildings in Lynn with blue and yellow for the last seven years in aid of World Down Syndrome Day, and this year will be no different as she prepares to colour the Corn Exchange on Thursday, March 21.The blogger advocates for the cause because of her younger sibling Rory Taylor, who was born with the condition, meaning the family witnesses first-hand some of the struggles that are faced each and every day.

Her little brother Rory, 9, was born with the condition

“Over the years things have gotten better as there is more representation on TV and in the media, but what we find is that if we are out with Rory, we get the stares and the comments,” she said.“Some people look at Rory and he may as well have two heads, that’s how we feel sometimes.”Although the event began as something special for her brother, Rebecca says that the meaning has expanded further and has now become a meet-up for children, babies and adults in West Norfolk with Down Syndrome to make friends, chat and get support.“They realise they’re not alone, and it’s the same for the parents,” she added.Rebecca feels as though more can be done to help children like Rory in the Lynn area in order to help them thrive.“Having more children with Down Syndrome in mainstream schools instead of special schools, breaks the stigma and stereotypes – that’s a big thing for us,” she said.

The influencer is holding the event in aid of World Down Syndrome day

“There’s not much support in West Norfolk apart from Facebook groups for families and there isn’t so much in the way of NHS or council support groups or even youth clubs which could offer help.”Some of the aims of the national event are to raise awareness and speak up about issues across the globe.Rebecca said: “The abortion rate for babies with Down Syndrome in the UK 96%, so out of every 100 babies with the condition, only four will be born.“People need to realise with Rory that, like many other affected children, he is a regular little boy and he will grow up to have a fulfilled life.”

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