Grimston Cricket Club and Springwood High School join forces

An exciting partnership has been unveiled between Springwood High School (SHS) and Grimston Cricket Club, which will see the two organisations building closer ties to promote youth sports.

The innovative agreement will see Grimston CC coaches delivering specialist cricket development sessions to Springwood pupils, alongside a ground-share initiative so that school matches can be played at the Grimston Cricket Ground.

Head of youth cricket Sam Adkin is enthusiastic about the prospects – “This really is a win-win for local cricket! Pupils will benefit from specialist coaching and get experience playing matches at a quality cricket ground.

Grimston Cricket Club's head of youth Sam Adkin
Grimston Cricket Club’s head of youth Sam Adkin

“We are excited to work together and helping to develop the stars of the future.”

Springwood High School PE teacher Mr Singh is equally optimistic for the arrangement and approached Grimston Cricket Club to lay the foundations for the partnership. “Cricket is a great sport but is often overlooked as an option for kids.

“I want to work with Grimston CC to grow participation and increase the number of players available who go on to play at local and even national level.”

Alongside the youth development initiative, Grimston CC offer coaching for ages 8+ on Wednesday evenings between 5 and 6pm, with teams at Under 9 and Under 13 age groups for this season.

For more information on both activities, please visit Grimston CC on social media or email