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Former tenant used saw to break down door to get into old home

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Breaking down a door by sawing it was a 39-year-old’s solution to getting into the house he previously rented.These actions meant that Jamie Shannon, of Lindens in Fairstead, appeared at Lynn Magistrates’ Court on Thursday where he admitted causing criminal damage under the value of £5,000.Prosecutor Abdul Khan said that the offence took place on February 25, when Shannon visited his previous address at Houghton Avenue in South Wootton.

Jamie Shannon appeared at Lynn Magistrates’ Court

Shannon thought he still had access to some items on that property, but he did not and was previously given notice to vacate the property.The locks had been changed after Shannon and his then-partner moved out.When Shannon could not get into the property, he decided to saw part of the door and take it off its hinges. During the process of removing the door, the letterbox was also damaged and the landlord said it would cost £1,500 to replace it.The court heard that Shannon was never named on the tenancy, but his ex-partner was.In mitigation, George Sorrell said: “There have been difficulties in this tenancy, people have difficulties with landlords, clearly there was some dispute.” The solicitor explained that Shannon’s ex-partner was the “main motivation” for getting into the property.“He was motivated by trying to help her,” said Mr Sorrell. “He does regret that, he knows you can’t take the law into your own hands.”Due to his means, magistrates ordered that Shannon pay £500 in compensation to his former landlord.

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