Fair aims to get more people into heritage volunteer roles in town

A heritage volunteer fair was held last weekend to coincide with National Civic Day and encourage more people to take up important voluntary roles.

The fair, which was the first organised by King’s Lynn Civic Society, was held at Lynn Town Hall on Saturday, June 17 and was opened by Dr Paul Richards, honorary alderman, who welcomed participants and visitors to the event.

He told the audience that many wonderful buildings and historic open spaces in Lynn rely on dedicated volunteers, but new volunteers are needed who will gain new interests and friendships, as well as knowing they are keeping the historic town open to the increasing number of visitors ‘staycationing’ rather than going abroad.

Volunteer fair at the town hall on Saturday
Volunteer fair at the town hall on Saturday

A spokesperson for the civic society said: “Our town has so much to offer rivalling better known destinations for the quality of its historic built environment.

“Many people interested in pilgrimage and friends from Hanseatic towns in Europe will be attracted by new trails and literature and know volunteers are the best way to welcome our visitors.”

The volunteer groups who had stalls and gave presentations were the civic society, Harding’s Pits Community Association, Friends of Hardwick Road Cemetery, Marriott’s Warehouse Trust, Friends of the Jewish Cemetery, Norfolk Boat Trust, the Guildhall of St George, True’s Yard Fisherfolk Museum, Lynn Town Guides, The Stories of Lynn, South Gate and Red Mount volunteers and Lynn Museum.

Speakers asked for a range of help, from undertaking historic research and helping to archive historic artefacts at the museums, to running the teashop at True’s Yard, and planting trees and creating space for wildlife at Harding’s Pits.

Cllr Terry Parish, leader of the council, closed the event by emphasising that volunteering can not only be a way of sharing learning new skills, but also meeting new people and making new friends.

Alison Gifford, chair of Lynn’s Civic Society, said: “If you missed the event but are still interested in finding out more about any of these groups and opportunities you can still get in touch directly or through our secretary.”

For more information email info@kingslynncivicsociety.co.uk