‘Drunk and disorderly’ man was caught shouting swear words outside of nursery

A man who was swearing loudly outside a nursery appeared in court for being drunk and disorderly.

Sam Skeggs, 32, of Wingfields Road, Fairstead, pleaded guilty to the offence at Lynn’s Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

At 3pm on June 26, Skeggs was heard shouting the words “c**t”, “f**k” and “p***y” outside a nursery at The Walks in Lynn.

The Walks in Lynn, where Skeggs was drunk and disorderly
The Walks in Lynn, where Skeggs was drunk and disorderly

Prosecutor Paul Brown told the court: “He was with a group of people and clearly had been drinking.

“He was seen throwing his arms around and continued drinking.”

It was then explained that Skeggs got in a fight with another individual in the group.

The police went over to split the fight up and Skeggs was using bad language.

By 3.20pm, the issue was dealt with.

Mitigating for himself, Skeggs explained he has since found employment and that he “lives in Fairstead with his baby mother”.

Magistrates fined Skeggs £133 with a victim surcharge of £53 and court costs of £105.