Disqualified driver ‘did not realise’ he was banned from the roads

A disqualified driver did not realise that he was banned until he was pulled over by police in Lynn, a court has heard.

Amritpal Singh, 21 appeared at Lynn’s Magistrates’ Court on Thursday and admitted driving while disqualified and subsequently driving without insurance.

Prosecutor Stephen Munton said that it came after Singh was stopped by officers on Hardwick Road on Tuesday, April 18 after they saw some debris hanging off of the side of the Mercedes van that he was driving.

Singh was pulled over on Hardwick Road in Lynn. Picture: Google Maps
Singh was pulled over on Hardwick Road in Lynn. Picture: Google Maps

After pulling him over, officers soon detected that Singh was driving during a six-month disqualification due to him racking up a total of 12 points on his driving licence.

Mitigating for Singh was Andrew Cogan, who explained that his client was unaware of the driving disqualification due to court issues where he lives in the West Midlands.

Mr Cogan said: “He accepts that he was the driver of the vehicle, he’s a delivery driver and was unaware he was disqualified because of insurance issues.

“He said that he didn’t go to court and had no paperwork from the court.

“He’s now lost his job, as for the debris on the side of the van, there was no evidence of poor driving.”

Singh, of Hales Crescent, Smethwick, was disqualified for another eight months.

He was also ordered to pay a fine of £120, a victim surcharge of £48 and court costs of £105.