Danish rider suffereing one of the toughest spells of his careeer

King’s Lynn stalwart Thomas Jorgensen admits he’s suffering one of the toughest spells of his career in what has been a dramatic week at the Adrian Flux Arena.

The Dane’s situation effectively mirrors that of the club as a whole with a degree of uncertainty following recent off-track events.

The week saw team boss Alex Brady step down while Danish ace Freddie Jakobsen has called time on his riding career on these shores.

Thomas Jorgensen
Thomas Jorgensen

Jorgensen has been a popular figure at the Adrian Flux Arena since joining the club in 2017, and retains the backing of a large section of the fan-base who have enjoyed his efforts over the years.

But his growing frustration is evident and he knows it’s a rut he simply has to find a way to ride himself out of.

Jorgensen said: “I don’t really know what’s going on at the moment, and it’s the whole season so far.

“There have been a few decent meetings but nothing to be happy about, and I’m just struggling.

“I don’t know if it’s myself or my engines, I don’t know what it is, but I’m trying everything and I’ve got another engine now to try.

“I know it’s just good enough and I can’t put into words what’s going on. We do speak as a team with whatever set-up we’re using, and sharing information a lot, but I need to get my finger out and figure out what’s going on.

“Especially at home I need to score the points, and it has to come at one time or another.

“I get angry and frustrated, but even when I’m in front I ride defensive because I feel I don’t have the speed.

“Usually if I get in front I can clear off, but at the moment I really have to ride too hard, which is frustrating – and if I don’t make a start, I can’t do anything.”

Following Jakobsen’s sudden departure yesterday, the club were due to use the rider-replacement facility in last night’s home clash with Wolverhampton while Nicolai Klindt was expected to take on the captaincy.

The Stars face Leicester at the Adrian Flux Arena on Monday – although at the time of writing, it’s unclear as to who will be in charge.

Former boss Rob Lyon has stepped into the breach in the previous two matches following the departure of Alex Brady and unavailability due to illness of Dale Allitt.

But Lyon’s own team Peterborough are also in action at Belle Vue on Monday so the two clubs, both owned by Keith Chapman, need to come to an arrangement going forward with both having major difficulties for different reasons this year.

Chapman had intended to relinquish full control of the Stars and all key decisions were already being taken by Brady and Allitt, so the developments of the last week have thrown matters into serious confusion.

And on-track things are likely to get no easier as the Lions are enjoying an excellent first campaign back in the top-flight, and their side includes Grand Prix star Max Fricke, AFA specialist Richard Lawson and the evergreen Chris Harris.